Cleaning Validation Technologies

Destin A. LeBlanc-Technical Consulting Services



Destin LeBlanc and Cleaning Validation Technologies are committed to high ethical standards. In specific: I will only accept consulting projects for which I am qualified and can produce a quality outcome for the client.

  1. I will only accept projects that I can reasonably complete in the agreed upon time frame.
  2. I will present balanced information relating to the options that are available in selecting cleaning processes and cleaning validation programs.
  3. All proprietary and confidential client information will be handled in an appropriate manner to protect the confidentiality of such information.
  4. I will not accept consulting business that creates a conflict of interest for me. While I may consult for two different pharmaceutical companies on cleaning and cleaning validation projects, the nature of the pharmaceutical industry is such that this usually is not a conflict for me. Where this may be an issue involves consulting for two competitive suppliers or service organizations selling to the pharmaceutical industry.
  5. I will not accept fees from another consultant for referrals, nor will I give fees to another consultant for referrals.
  6. Expenses will be billed to a client only as contracted. For travel involving two clients, travel expenses will be fairly allocated between the clients.